Carpathian Shepherd Dog - EARS

Ears: Not too big, triangular, attached a little higher than the line of the eye,
with the tip slightly rounded, carried close to the cheek.

Carpathian Sheepdog Ears

Ears well attached and worn with correct triangular shape and size.

When the dog is attentive, the ears are directed forwards,
carried very close to the cheeks.

Carpathian Sheepdog Ears

Ears with correct shape and size, very close to the cheeks.

According to shape and size of ear, we can meet defects as:
Severe defect: round shape ear.

DEFECT round shape ear

Round ear
Severe defect

Heavy, round ear is typical for molossoids.

Another defect: correct shape ear but too big compared to the head,
having a too broad basis.

DEFECT too big ear

Too big ear compared to the head, too broad basis.

Another severe defect: too big, too long ear.

DEFECT too long ear

Too big, too long ear.
Severe defect

Severe defect: ear too big and attached too high.

DEFECT ear big attached too high

Very large ears and attached too high.
Severe defect

After the way of wearing the ears we can meet defects as: folded ear.

DEFECT folded ear

Folded ear

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