Carpathian Shepherd Dog - EYES

Eyes: Almond shaped, slightly oblique, not too big
compared to the size of the skull, colour dark brown.
Neither protruding nor sunken in the sockets.
The eyelids are black, tightly fitting the eyeball.

Carpathian Sheepdog eyes
Eyes with correct form and colour, very well pigmented.

Eyes must be nice, clear with a vivid look.
Eyes slightly oblique- internal angles are a little lower than the external angles.
Standard stipulates a dark brown.

correct shape, color eyes
Eyes with correct shape and colour

The most frequently met colour is amber.

amber color eyes
Eyes with correct shape and colour.

Watched in the sun light the eyes of the same dog seem lighter in colour.

vivid look eyes
Eyes with correct shape and colour, in sunlight, clear with a vivid look.

Eyes can be of a lighter colour, the so-called "vivid eyes".

vivid carpathian sheepdog eyes
"vivid eyes" watched in shadow.

vivid eyes
"vivid eyes",of the same dog, watched in sunlight.

Defects of the colour of the eye: too light eyes
In this category we include – yellow eyes

DEFECT yellow eyes
Yellow eyes

Yellow eyes seem yellow even watched in shadow.

DEFECT yellow eyes even in shadow
Yellow eyes

According to the seat in the orbit, the eyes can be:
- seated typically normal for the Romanian Carpathian Shepherd:

slightly oblique eyes
Eyes slightly oblique, seated normally

and WRONG:-sunken in orbits or bubbled up (exophthalmia)

DEFECT bubbled eyes
Bubbled up eyes (exophthalmia)
Eyes having a round shape

EYELIDS: black and fit well the eyeball

well pigmented eyelids
Well pigmented eyelids

Eliminatory defect: lower eyelid very fallen showing the eyeball.
Fallen lower eyelid is typical for molossoids.

Fallen lower eyelid

Another Eliminatory defect: Important lack of pigmentation of eyelids.
(no photo)

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