Lupoid type dogs (wolf-like), as the German shepherd,
the Romanian Carpathian Shepherd etc., differ clearly from structure
and character point of view from Molossoid dogs, from Terra Nova,
Saint Bernard, Caucasian shepherd, Bucovina Romanian Shepherd breeds.
In the following we want to draw the attention on the clear differences,
which exist between the two types.

Lupoid type head

Carpathian Dog Lupoid Head

1 - Prolounged muzzle, slightly tronconic, with oval section
The length of the muzzle is slightly less than or,
at the most, equal to that of the skull.
The length of the muzzle is approximately equal with half of the head length.
2 - Moderate stop-never too marked
3-Forehead slightly domed
4 - Upper lip-normal, not too big, never fallen
5 - Lips well closed at the corner of the mouth.
6 - Eyes, oblique, the eyelids tightly fitting the eyeball, vivid look
7 - Ears, relatively small, slender, light, triangular in shape,
with the top slightly rounded. 

Molossoid type head

Defect Molossoid head

1 - Short, thick muzzle, square, truncated cone shape
(missing the top, the sharp side)
At molossoids the length of muzzle is less the length of skull.
The length of the muzzle equals a third of the head length.
2 - Marked stop-forming a right angle
3 - Forehead strongly domed
4 - Heavy upper lip, very pulpy, hanging
5 - Fallen closure of lips, showing the gum,
the presence of saliva as slobber
6 - Eyes oblique having the lower eyelids fallen,
showing the eye ball, lymphatic look.
7 - Broad, big, heavy ears, having a round shape.

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