Carpathian Shepherd Dog - TAIL

TAIL: Set on relatively high, bushy, with abundant coat.
At rest, it is carried low, straight or slightly sabre-like, reaching to the hock.
When the dog is alert or in action, tail is carried upwards and can be
even higher than the top line but never lying on nor curled over the back.

Carpathian Sheepdog

It has an important role because it helps to maintain the balance
in walking and running, especially at sudden changes of direction.
It has an important role for the beauty of the samples,
also it has a role in communication,
by its position and movement the dog shows its needs,
its feelings (fear, joy, attention).
Cutting of tail is forbidden.

At rest, it is carried low, straight or slightly sabre-like, reaching to the hock.

Carpathian Dog Tail
At rest                                                       At rest
carried low, straight                                  carried low, slightly sabre-like

In action: when the dog is alert, tail is carried upwards sabre-like,
and it can be higher than the top line.

Sheepdog Tail

In action
1) carried upwards, sabre-like
2) sabre-like, exceeding the top line level

Caring the tail we can meet DEFECTS as:

At rest: hook tail or ring tail

Defect Tail
At rest: hook shape                                         At rest: ring shape
DEFECT                                                             SERIOUS DEFECT

In action the tail is carried on the back or rolled on the back.

Defect Tail
In action                                                           In action
tail carried on the back                                      tail rolled on the back
DEFECT                                                             SERIOUS DEFECT

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